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Frequently Asked Questions

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Please see below for commonly asked questions and answers.

How would I go about becoming an online retailer, selling products or services?

Firstly you would register an account with a payment processing provider and then use those details with one of our plugin buttons in the builder.

I want to create a web site perfect for events, tributes or large occasions, how would I begin doing this?

The first thing to do is to is choose a template and become comfortable bringing images and text in and out of the builder. When you are capable and have chosen your theme, start creating new pages. Lastly, you may want to upload larger imagery for the layout although this is not always necessary.

If I had a need for websites with additional features such as boards, forums or otherwise, what options are available to me?

Firstly, the builder is very intuitive with a full feature set. Comments and so on are supported. However, for those with bigger demands and a need for additional purposeful web software we provide the ability to create additional subdomains with FTP information free of charge.

If I needed to buy a domain name after creating my account would I be able to do so?

Of course; the ability to switch to your new domain is given inside the administration area, simply click change domain.

If I already have a domain and hosting can I still use your service?

Yes, of course. Simply enter in FTP details into the administration area and upload your new Website to the information provided. Please remember you will need to re-open the builder after changing your FTP details.

Is it possible to view my sites content as it would appear on mobile web devices or tablets?

Yes - simply change the layout in the builder and then click Preview. Once in Preview you can then change the layout also.

Can I pay to have a white label service without the need to purchase additional hosting or domain names?

Simply register an account and provide your domains details then change your FTP information inside the builder, making sure to select the white label option in place of hosting.

What is branded hosting and what are the requirements of the hosting package?

A small logo will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your web site. This is the only requirement of using your free website service, we ask that you do not try to modify this as it is part of your agreement. You may want to register a domain name with hosting if you do not want to have "createwebsite.design" or alternate supplier domain details in your web sites domain name URL.

What sort of service provision should I expect from my domain and hosting package?

Firstly, the service is controlled through CloudLinux™ hosting technology which means one user can not hog the system resources of another. Secondly, we ensure that all domains and web site have full availability of service 24/7, meaning there are no slow periods of the day for your web site service.